Architecture is a fascinating subject for photography. Dave studied and practised architecture for over ten years - photographing throughout - and this experience has brought much to his understanding of how best to represent architecture in photography.

Photographers and the public can easily miss the design intentions of architecture, seeing form, material, or lighting, but not noticing the larger scale of how or why a design has been crafted. Architects, for their part, can easily lose track of what makes a good photograph in an effort to simply record as much of their completed project as possible, overlooking the most immediately gripping elements.

A balance and appreciation of all these things, and more, is required. Seeking out the best ways to combine an expression of architectural intent - form, construction, and practical use - with the aesthetic elements of imagery - composition, lighting, and careful focus on particular elements - Dave distills architectural space into clear, engaging, architectural photography.

If you have a space which deserves capturing at its best, get in touch.